Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another betting blog.....

I've been betting on football for a while now, do I make a steady profit? NO!!! why??? probably because lack of DISCIPLINE and a little bit of "no luck" + "not enough money" to keep me in the game :p. The only reason I created this blog because I am BORED (imagine living in a 'village' where there's no cinema, you'll get the picture already ^^)

I am not gonna do any fancy analysis or whatsoever on picking my bet, I'll simply choose one random match at a time, and bet against the final result. So, for example Team A vs Team B, and I am betting against 0-2 correct score, if the final score is 0-2 then I lost my bet, otherwise I won. Simple as that!! Please note that 0-2 (away win) is different from 2-0 (home team win).

So how am I gonna do it? can I make money at the end? I don't know...probably not, but I don't care coz this is for fun only to help me kill my free time, also to prove it's the SMALL things that make BIG things happen.
My goal is to start with $100, and make a profit of $10,000, so in the process I am gonna try to make some withdrawal (anytime I can). And hopefully I am not gonna lose my hundred before my 1st withdrawal ^^
Once again, there is no rules, no analysis, what I need is LUCK and PATIENCE! All my bet will be available in this blog, in excel format, updated as soon as I can, usually before the match started.

That's it, no more bullcrap...hope you all enjoy my journal...